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This entry is simply an update so that LJ doesn't think this journal is abandoned. Please reply
Nothing truely exciting happens much in this town. For that I suppose I should be glad *And likely she is so glad. Momoko would be most alarmed and dissatsified if this town went and wound up like in the Deception games, Persona games, Resident Evil games, or Silent Hill games. But all those be fictional. Momoko is not in victorian france but nor is she in a horror game. She is just a silly young lady who happens to live a town that has cow patties and fields instead of clean streets and fine resturants*

*Really that be preferable to worse places she admits. One can sit on their porch reading without worry of crime and other nonsense that big city having. In such terms Shimotsuma is better by far than big city. Iciko might like pichinko and carving her place in world as heroine as she doth wants, Momoko metaphorically a princess type who reads and sews and dresses in gowns prefering strolls to fighting injustice. All cliches aside however both girls are healthy well fed young ladies with families that do in their way care about them. Ichiko has set of parents. Momoko has a father and grandmother. She refuses look back to wonder what would have happened had she chosen to go live with her mother and mother's boyfriend/doctor*

*Mokoko Ryugasaki sighs one afternoon wondering if Rena from Higurashi manga is good anology. Rena who lost her mother also. But Momoko adjusts her hat* All in all I can have happiness *She tells herself most confidently. There is no Hell Here. No mysterious pits nor curses. No demons. Momoko is sure school and lolita life won't ever lead her down a path of tears and destruction* All is well Shimotsumastory.

Aug. 24th, 2008

Momoko and Ichiko in a silly side horror tale.
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To get decent bikes was a pain. She was looking at the crammed bikes in the bike shop. Vespas and scooters wall to wall in a garage. On the yard . Trying to pick out the best ones.

"Have you decided yet." the biker running it asked. Impatient as ever. "I repair them all so don't go insulting my craft."

"They all seem well built and repaired. Trying to decide on a color."

"Yankii, huh how many you looking for."

"Three she stated." As she spoke she made her final pick. "I want that one back there as well."

"Good pick ." He went to hoist it out of there. She paid the man. She decided they would need to gamble again to get more funds.


Hello I am rolls from Bio Zombie.  A new addition to the comm.    

Sushi Resturant

*So it would be that all three came to be at the resturant of sushi. First entered was Ichiko and then entered was Momoko. And thirdly entered was Noemie. Each have their path in life. Each so different than each other but none of the three a normal consumer sheep. None of the three a mindless twit or bimbo* We three are here to eat. *And no not each other if can help it*
Ichiko came out of the parlor. Not much on her mind except a slight snack and feeling her tank. The parlor was not known for decent food. Then again it was was runned by greasy people. Tend to reason the food would get the same vibe.
Ichiko was  trying to relax.  hard to do at the moment . Repairing her bike for the last few hours and  wanting to to go  gamble. It was not as hard to her anymore. The unicorn had shown her a useful tip. She had not seen him in a while. So she sat under a tree and found herself eating strawberries. Kind of ironic.

"These are not half bad ." It was food. She needed something to it. She was getting sick of rice balls. 


*~shimotsuma story.

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